Showcasing a beautiful range of art from 5 Central Otago Artists. From 19th March- 14th April.

Who We Are

Our group of five began several years ago, when some members from the Alexandra Pottery Group were keen to develop their drawing skills. Ross Cowie was a member of the Pottery Club and had run a small Art Group in Dunedin and he was keen to develop a similar group in the area who wanted to develop their artistic skills and knowledge over a range of mediums.

Initially, we commenced with a Drawing Class and have expanded into other mediums including working with pen, charcoal, soft pastels, coloured pencils, watercolours, intaglio printing, woodcuts, and acrylics.  We meet once a week supporting one another in our endeavours and always happy to receive feedback on our works.

These days the subject matter is varied as are the mediums we work with.  Enjoyment, comradery, and the pleasure of producing our own work is our number one priority.

Our group consists of Judy Campbell, Shona Horne, Julie Notman, Irene Weaver and Ross Cowie.  As you will see from our Exhibition the work reflects many different styles and mediums and challenges each of us to not be afraid to try something new.

Cash and Carry Exhibition