Step into a world where the vibrant spirit of Central Otago comes alive through the diverse and compelling works of Indigo.

This extraordinary exhibition brings together eight exceptional artists—Luke Anthony, Shaun Burdon, Judy Cockeram, Rachel Hirabayashi, Megan Huffadine, Nigel Wilson, Jillian Porteous, and Lynne Wilson—each offering their unique perspectives and artistic expressions.

Luke Anthony

The lifelike nature of Luke Anthony’s native bird sculptures, carved from salvaged native NZ timbers, is so convincing that a live fantail once courted a wooden sculpture, highlighting the fine detail and craftsmanship of this Ranfurly, Maniatoto, Central Otago artist.

Shaun Burdon

Shaun Burdon’s paintings are inspired by ancient history, scripts, and language, invite viewers to bring their own interpretations, often drawing from early records of runes and hieroglyphics to explore the intriguing ambiguity of indecipherable symbols.

Judy Cockeram

Judy Cockeram brings an academic sensibility to her art, which encompasses ceramics, fabric art, and especially drawing, where her intricate, multi-angle works invite viewers to discover different aspects and subjects beyond the first glance.

Rachel Hirabayashi

Rachel Hirabayashi creates evocative acrylic paintings and metal sculptures, drawing inspiration from her experiences in Japan, Mexico, and the ancient landscapes of Central Otago, with her layered painting technique and patina-rich steel sculptures capturing a quiet stillness and the weathered beauty of her home environment.

Megan Huffadine

Artist Megan Huffadine’s work, influenced by her background in anthropology and archaeology, features paintings and sculptures that abstract and reimagine artifacts, plants, and seeds, creating unique forms that subtly reflect her environmental concerns and her lifelong connection with museums and their collections.

Nigel Wilson

Nigel Wilson captures the raw, natural beauty of New Zealand’s southern landscapes through expressive brushwork and vibrant color, creating compelling paintings that bring the Otago landscape to life.

Jillian Porteous

Jillian Porteous, inspired by the vibrant colors and light of Central Otago, creates evocative paintings and ceramic pieces that reflect the dynamic landscape along the Clutha River, blending her deep appreciation of the arts from her travels in Europe with the ever-changing vistas seen from her studio.

Lynne Wilson

Lynne Wilson’s eclectic body of work showcases Raku-fired ceramics adorned with glass beads, found objects, gold dust, and enamel, incorporating remnants from three generations of her family’s jewelry collections, with her pieces reflecting both her immediate environment and universal appeal.

Multidisciplinary Showcase

Indigo represents a wide array of artistic disciplines, from ceramics and painting to sculpture, photography, and mixed media.

Each artist brings their own unique technique and vision, ensuring a varied and enriching experience for all who attend.

Why Attend Indigo?

1. Support Local Artists: By attending and purchasing art from Indigo, you are directly supporting the talented artists of Central Otago, fostering a vibrant and sustainable artistic community.

2. Unique and Original Artworks: Discover and own original pieces that reflect the diverse beauty and culture of Central Otago. Each artwork is a one-of-a-kind treasure.

3. Transform Your Space: Bring home a piece of Central Otago. Whether it’s a serene landscape, a thought-provoking sculpture, or a vibrant mixed media piece, each artwork has the power to transform your living or working space.