As this is the first time we have posted under this title let me explain what we are trying to do. This place hopes to catch ideas and thoughts that might intrigue you or you might feel you disagree with. We are interested in your reflections about your experience and the stories you read and write when engaging with an exhibition. This time, and maybe often, it is Judy Cockeram, part of the team helping to make things happen at Central Stories.

We want you to note that making ‘Art’ is not only the work that Marc does. He is busy making it possible for contemporary artists to show in his gallery ‘Broker’ in Queenstown.

What are the Central Stories of Marc Blake’s Artwork? This is an observation from Judy Cockeram. Her reflections are a personal story inspired by looking at Marc Blake’s work*

If you would like to contribute we would like to make that happen. We aim to be transparent in our story collecting but some editing may be required. This will be done in consultation with the author. Please email : centralstoriesgalleries

* the views and observations made by Judy Cockeram are her own and do not represent the institution of Central Stories or any of the sponsors involved in making this exhibition possible.